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Universal Visitor Manager - Sensor Ball

The Visitor Manager Universal Sensor Ball is a system that monitors traffic on your land. x-Visitor can also send different items to your visitors and can also send Group invitations automatically. The device is very easy to configure because of its automatic adjustments to support users and the interactive guided configuration menus.

Universal Visitor Manager, Sensor Ball, Automatic Group Joiner

Visitor Counter behaves differently depending on the interactive menus that you grant access to your administrators and also the type of user accessing the menus.
The owner menu is easy to use, every step of the way you know the current status of the device's configuration. You have total control.
There is even a 'Test' option to display the different menus your users may see after the device is configured and to verify the correct operation of the configured options.

The Visitor Manager Ball is equipped with 3 levels of access for administrators. Each level can access the various configuration options and can also access the permission privileges for administrators to view the list of visitors. But only one person can add or delete administrators and modify access privileges and that is the owner of the device.

Visitor Ball allows administrators to access configuration options and they can add or delete items without intervention of the owner.
The device also recognizes different types of users and can easily configure the objects that are being delivered to each user. With the x-Visitor, we are not limited to just a Landmarks, Notecards or Objects. You can add up 5 items for each category that will be delivered in a folder to the people interacting with the x-Visitor device. This drop folder name can be customized using your own brand name.

The Visitor System automatically detects the group to send invitations to your visitors. You only need to activate the menu item and invitations will be automatically sent.

The Visitor Manager has two lists of visitors. A list of recent visitors and another broader list of the total visitors. The contents of the recent visitor lists are sorted by time taking a reference of a timezone (UTC) specified by the user. Because they are separated by time, it thereby avoid any confusion as to when the visitors visited. Access lists for your administrators are controlled by the owner.
In this device we have two types of counters. Real and visual. The real visitor counter is displayed in the administrators menu and is used to monitor real traffic. But you can change the visual counter that the device shows to the world and this counter value can be manipulated by administrators. However the real traffic counter value is not editable at any time.

The Sensor Ball can use public chat message in order to send information to each visitor who is detected by the device's sensor.

The sensor is fully configurable, you only need access to the configuration options on the menu and from there, set the sensor detection values that most closely match your needs.

Visitor Sensor Ball can add up to 50 different image textures and utilizes a number of different ways to choose how these images are displayed. With a simple click on the menu, you can customize the display to your liking.

KCI's customers have :
- automatic updates
- optional plug-ins
- no time limit for recovering accidentally deleted products

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