martes, 1 de abril de 2014

Easy Message Broadcaster

The Messenger Broadcaster is a product designed to work as announcer on your land. The Messenger Broadcaster is ideal for sending different messages to your guests during the holidays in your club. It is also very good at announcing news or promotions in your shop or mall and is also very useful to be used as part of your events. The Messenger Broadcaster announcer is very easy to configure and customize with just a few clicks. The Broadcaster announcer is trained to self-control over spam and lag since the device is integrated with smartControl.

- Configuration quick and easy.
- Customize an extensive list of messages to send to your visitors.
- Choose who will send messages (Group / Everyone).
- Change the sender name of the Broadcaster.
- Customize the order of sending messages.
- Choose the interval and shipping area.
- Different mode of sending messages and content.
- Set its own time zone UTC
- Includes Greeter plugin with fully customize settings.
- Includes Event Timer plugin with fully customize settings.
- Automated access to Updates and Plugins.
- Smart Script Control (AntiSpam, LowLag)

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