domingo, 6 de abril de 2014

Easy Resizer System - Professional RESIZE SCRIPT

Easy Resize System is designed for developers, designers and also for personal use. It is an automated system and allows it to be configured to the needs of everyone.
Easy Resizer System, used only a script that allows quick and easy installation with smartControl without knowledge of scripts. The Resize Script offers various dynamic menus that can be fully configured, the values ​​as well as the texts.
Easy Resize System is equipped with a set of customizable Remote Resize Control and can act on one or more target objects, through private channel. The Resize Script also allows you to communicate with other scripts, so you can use it as part of your application.


- QUICK and EASY installation without knowledge of scripts, JUST DRAG and Ready to Use.
- ONE SCRIPT - Quick and easy setup with a single script with smartControl - LOW LAG.
- DYNAMIC MENU - Different menus with buttons and text, FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE.
- ADVANCED RESIZE - Advanced Menu to STRETCH AXIS, choose one or more axles.
- STANDARD RESIZE - With Standard menu to change the size of all axles.
- STANDING POSE - Optional, with default or use your own animation.
- REMOTE CONTROL - allows you to remote resize control on one or more objects remotely by a custom channel.
- DIRECT API - To communicate with your own scripts and applications.


- Detailed User Manual and examples for developer kit.
- Operating Scripts (no mod)
- Examples of operating of the Scripts.

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